Australian Quakers in the Arts

Australian Quakers in the Arts is an entry point for learning more about the diverse range of creative Quakers scattered across Australia. It is hoped that it will provide not only information but inspiration for those whose journeys recognise the creative.

AQITA (Australian Quakers in the Arts) is not devoted solely to the visual arts. This portal includes Quakers who are involved in writing (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, playwriting, screen writing, etc.), film making, multimedia art practices, music, dance, and performance, as well as all forms of the visual arts.

Many of these artists are often low-key about their Quaker connections, living out their lives in harmony with the Quaker practice of simplicity, and operating without a lot of fanfare. However, most are quite passionate about their art, whatever form it takes, and are willing to share insights into their practices and inspirations.

This website is also a WIP (Work in Progress).

I look forward to hearing from other Friends about their creative pursuits so that their journeys might be added to this website. Please contact Jacque to contribute to this ongoing project.

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  1. I hope this will take off. I know there are a few WA Quakers who are practicing their art and their crafts in various directions and we have some interesting histories of past WA artists, writers, poets and even actors. I will spread the word. ‘Tricia

    1. Dear Patricia, Thank you for your kind comments. I look forward to hearing more about WA artists–and finding out who they are and what their creative pursuits involve. My apologies for the long delay in replying. Kind regards, Jacque

  2. Sirs

    The Society of which I am the President recently was handed a couple of paintings by a lady by the name of Edith Croaker. She held an Art Exhibition with your Society as far as we can work out in 1966. She was also a finalist in the 1965 Sulman Prize at the AGNSW

    I believe I have also located her name in the annals (Minutes) of the Quaker Society of NSW in 2004, but I also have found her name listed as buried in April 2003 in the Quaker portion of a Sydney Cemetery.

    We would like to know more about Ms Croaker and her Art works.

    1. Hello Alan,

      Thank you for your inquiry. I will follow up with this and investigate, and let you know what I find out! Can you provide your home email address and will respond to that?

      Kind regards,

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